How Arience Design creates a Logo. The stages of elaborating a logo design.

'20 / Jun 15
Founder Arience Design

We always try to make original and unique logos for our clients, so before starting the creative process, we're trying to understand what business our client has, what he wants, who is the target audience, but also what is the best solution that corresponds to the current market.

Below we will describe the stages of developing a logo after which our company works. These are time-tested stages that have given good results, so that both we and our clients to be satisfied.


Step 1. Completion of the Brief by the client

brief by the client

The first step in the process of making a logo is to complete the brief.

A brief is sent to your email, which is in fact a questionnaire that you must fill in with the information necessary to make the logo. For the project to be a success we need as much information as possible about the future logo / brand.

Completing the brief will help us figure out what the customer wants, where it will be used the logo, which is the target market, what colors and fonts are preferred, what style is desired.

You can also send us logos with your competitors or examples of logos that you like.

At this stage, the contract with the Beneficiary is also signed.


the most creative stage

Step 2. Research, making sketches - the most creative stage

Research and sketches on paper - the most creative step:

Carrying out research activities involved informing about the field, history and competitors of our clients.

It is the stage in which concepts are drawn, concepts are sketched on paper, we usually sketch several logo variants, but we choose only 3, the most successful ones.

It is the most creative part, where several logo ideas are drawn, with different shapes, locations, fonts.

Step 3. Selection and Vectorization of Logos

After drawing the sketches by our designer, we will choose 3, the most successful and suitable logos and they will be drawn in electronic format. Logo vectorization is done in specialized software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Step 4. Approval of the Final Logo

brief by the client

Three variants of vectorized logos are sent by email, of which, the client will indicate the final variant chosen and any adjustment requests. Requests for adjustment may not conflict with the technical details set out in the original completed Brief. Any additional request, other than the Brief, will be paid extra.

The final version is prepared in several editable formats (ai, eps), then all the source files are delivered online to the client, after full payment for the logo has been made.

* Feedback is important at this stage, if it is difficult for you to decide which logo option to choose, you can ask for opinions from friends, acquaintances, family or people specific to your field.


Step 5. Price and time terms

The total price for making the logo starts from 300 € and more, depending on the complexity of the logo. The realization period varies from 1-2 weeks (reflection period for placement, maturation of ideas).

* Making the Brand Book for the logo does not fit into this budget.


As a conclusion we can say that, although the most successful logos seem to be simple, the process of creating a logo is not exactly easy. Creating a successful logo requires time and going through different stages of development necessary to reach a final result with a strong impact, and the most important thing is the communication between the designer and the client.



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